Terri Hoover

Co-Owner & Stylist

In 1988 I was a single mom with little education and a passion to better myself. In 1989 as a sales rep for a haircare company I walked into a small hole in the wall salon in Lake Highlands and walked out knowing I was going to own it. Since I had not held a job over 6 months at a time I had a hard time getting financed. Thank God for my aunt Sharon! Got it! Bought it! And in the last 30 years I have trained countless hairstylist, taught classes for Redken, moved and expanded 3 times and all the while coloring the world around me!

But alas now it is time to grow my people. I have stepped away from the chair (except for 2 days) and I am focusing on building our business into all it can be. I say our business because my husband is an intricate part of our success and after 15 years of working together Rebecca Crosby joined us as an owner! I am looking forward to see whAT GOD has in store for us in the years to come.

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