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Our Mission as Creative Professionals is to exceed your expectations in a lively yet nurturing manner.


Cut + Shampoo + Finish:

blowout / 31*
women / 43*
men / 33*
bang trim / 10*
conditioning treatment / 9*
flat iron / 13*
special occasion / 67*


corrective color / by consultation
retouch / 59*
highlights / 100*
partial highlights / 70*
focal highlights (10 foils) / 36*
balayage / 121*
glaze / 34*
camo color / 31*
keratin treatments / 121 - 350*


brow / 18*
lip / 16*
chin / 16*
nose / 17*
ear / 17*
brow tint / 18*
full face (excluding eyebrows) / 46*
cosmetic application: standard / 35*
cosmetic application: evening / 65*


Gift Cards are Available by phone or in salon

*Services are listed at starting prices and may vary due to stylist level


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Hair Extensions

Pricing Varies by Request | We proudly offer Vomor Extensions

Vomor - Volume and More

Approximately 30 million women (25% of all women) in North America experience thinning or fine hair, resulting from diet, heredity, medication, health issues, or simply the aging process. These women are turning to hair extensions as an excellent alternative to provide more fullness and volume, but this group of women are not the only reason that the hair extension market continues to rapidly grow. Hair extensions have also become a fashion trend and much more mainstream than ten years ago. Hair extensions are now appealing to all ages, as women play with different looks, just because they can. VoMor Hair Extensions allow you to choose to add color, volume or length – for a special occasion or just to make a simple change.

VoMor is exclusive to the AVEDA salons | Fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair in just 15 minutes | Recommended wear is 6-8 weeks | Available lengths: 12, 16, & 20 inches | Comfortable | Natural | Undetectable | Fast to apply & remove | Safe & non-damaging to the hair | Tape-in & Reusable | Reconditioning recommended twice after the first application.

VoMor extensions are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and packaged according to environmental guidelines.

Artistik Edge Salon Lake Highlands Hair Extensions


Microblading is a semi- permanent eye brow procedure using a hand tool with a disposable microblade. The required pigment is deposited into the superficial dermis of the skin with the disposable microblade, which allows the artist to create fine hair stokes that look like individual eyebrow hair.

Prices start at:

  • Microblading / 425

  • 3rd Touch up (2-6 months) / 175

  • 4th Touch up (after 6 months) / 249

  • Annual Touch up (after 1 year) / 425

Microblading brows at Artistik Edge Hair Studio before
Microblading brows at Artistik Edge Hair Studio After

THE APPOINTMENT - During the first hour, Our Microblade Artist will draw the perfect shape customized completely to the guest with a removable pencil. After the shape is drawn, the artist will consult with the guest to approve and will remove the hairs surrounding the shape with a painless razor. Before the microblading process begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the brow area to minimize discomfort. While the anesthetic is numbing, the artist will color match pigment customized to the guest brows and will go over any questions the guest has from the release form and aftercare handout. After 25-30 minutes the brows will be completely numb and the procedure will begin.

The microblading process will last 45-55 minutes. During this time, a second topical anesthetic liquid is applied 2-4 times, keeping the brows completely numb and the procedure painless. At the end of the procedure, the artist will show the guest their new brows and make any adjustments and additions necessary. Your entire microblading process should take approximately 2-3 hours. At the end of the appointment, a follow up “touchup” appointment will be set 4-6 weeks following the first appointment.

AFTER THE APPOINTMENT - Your new set of Brows will be ready immediately after the process, there is no downtime! After microblading, the color will appear darker than it will eventually be because the pigment takes around seven days to fully penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. On day 5-7, a natural exfoliation takes place and the crusted top layer of skin will peel off leaving a softer, lighter color. The result is a natural looking enhancement. As the treated area is settling down, slight itching may occur. Itching is a good indication of healing.

At your 4-6 week touchup appointment, we will go over the brow once more, darkening the color and evening out the tones throughout the brow. Microblading is low maintenance. After healing, you can rub, shower, swim, workout and wake up with perfect brows. No special care is required, except for a brief touch-up as each guest see's fit.

Please, download and bring the signed forms with you to your appointment:

After you’ve downloaded the forms:

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Artistik Edge Salon Special Occasion Styles

Special Occasions

The AE team is here to help create your vision for your special day. From ½ up to ½ down, Updo's, Braids or Chignon. And the lastes makeup trends to ensure you look flawless.

Special Occasion Services:

Off-site or in salon, cosmetics, wedding parties, and any special occasion hair.

Bridal/Formal In-Salon Pricing* Starts At:

  • Bridal Updo & or Formal styling / 67*

  • Cosmetic Application / 67*

*Pricing may vary due to stylist level.
We are also available for any off-site venues if you prefer us to come to you.


 Which stylist level is right for you?

We want your visit to be even more than you expected. Therefore we have a pricing structure that reflects our stylists experience, advanced education and demand of there time.

- Master -

Our highest level, a Master Stylist is a service provider with exceptional skill at their craft and passionate about continuing education. With years of experience, extensive training, and many thousands of hours behind the salon chair, they are truly the best-of-the-best. Many of these professionals are active educators in our salons, or Redken Certified. Our Master Stylist also assist in the training of our Protege's.

- Senior -

These well-educated and experienced professionals typically have 5 or more years of experience.
Their commitment to ongoing education keeps them at the forefront of new techniques and trends.

- Studio -

Carefully selected for their technical skills and professionalism. Advanced education is a constant theme as these hairdressers continue to be their best. Typically has 1-5 years of experience.

- Protegé -

Many salon guests are looking for excellent service and style at a budget-minded price. While our Protégé Stylists are gaining the experience they need. We invite you to refer people you know to our talented Protégé stylists as they continue to develop their skills and reach their potential.

Artistik Edge Salon Lake Highlands TX

We like to offer a fun and relaxing experience for every appointment. However, late arrivals create stress. Therefore, when you are 15+ minutes late, we reserve the right to reschedule. For no shows and last minute cancellations we will require a Credit Card number for future appointments.  After all, we only get paid when you show up.