Keep your color game strong


Artistik-ly Speaking:

Color is a beautiful thing when done right! So once you have arrived at the perfect hue shouldn't you do everything possible to maintain it? And who better to prescribe your home maintenance than the one that created it!

Top Picks:

Stehanie Zamarripa says Redkens blondage shampoo will tone any “brassy” tones from your hair while also strengthening it. Perfect to use once/twice a week to keep your blonde looking good up until your next color appointment.


Erin Perez likes 21 benefits spray. It is the perfect all in one product. It has anti fade complex to persevere your freshly color hair. It also has tons of other benefits like detangling , heat protectant, and cuts down drying time.

Hydrate Superfood Hair Treatment

Sandra Newman touts that Hydrate superfood treatment is not only a Silicone-free formula but it has the AntiFade complex that helps protect color-treated hair. It is formulated with Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil, which adds moisture to your hair.

Cynthia Saucedo/ Anita Hartl Best Blonde Miracle Filler Treatment my holy grail 🙌 .This daily hair treatment works on all shades of blonde, AntiFade Complex protects against heat damage with added violet toning properties that keeps highlights bright and vibrant while refreshing brassy, yellow tones.

Pureology Best Blonde Miracle Filler Treatment

Redken Color Extend Graydiant

(100% Vegan) Cynthia Saucedo, education director and Elizabeth Pelzel -for those of you who are embracing your ‘natural hilights’ … For my silver vixens out there, Redken Graydient shampoo will tone out any yellow undertones allowing your hair to appear brighter. It really ups the shine factor with out of this world sparkle.🛸 🛸

Redken Graydient Shampoo

Rebecca Crosby asks, “Why not have great hair all the way up to your next visit?”

Ditch the mascara wand and try Redken Root Fusion. Say bye bye to those grays around the temples and on your part. 20 mins and gone.

Redken Root Fusion