Our mission as Creative Professionals is to exceed your expectations in a lively yet nurturing manner.

Great Products   
We exclusively use Redken and Pureology products. We also carry Archipelago, lots of hot tools, brushes and many girlfriend gifts. We now carry Aveda skin and body care!

Great gifts and hair products

The AE Culture  We have been in business a long time and we like to train our own. So it is not unusual for your stylist to be working with an 'associate'. We take them right out of school (after they graduate of course) or at least in their first year out, and train them in the Artistik way.

Along those same lines, it is our culture for our guest to be our first priority. We are open to you trying different stylists. We know sometimes it is personality differences, sometimes you are on a budget or you just can't get in to see your stylist due to scheduling differences. We know you have choices in beauty and we want you to feel free to make choices here.


We support Lake Highlands Schools!

Anita & the AE just celebrated 18 years of continual service. She has brought an incredible work ethic, creativity and a beautiful spirit into work with her every day (ok most days). Thank you Anita for being a pace setter both here at the AE and to our industry. We are honored that she continues to choose us to work alongside.


Thanks to these two amazin' women!
  Marsha and Therese have pioneered this industry in a way that will live on for years to come. We were blessed to be the place where they 'finished strong'.

Clickit4life.net   In 2005, Terri's son Jake Thompson was killed in a car accident. He was not wearing his seatbelt. She along with some friends started a foundation called Clickit4life.net. To get the attention of young drivers, she along with the help of her staff, friends and people like you, place billboards along major highways.
Check out the web site to find out more. Click Here!

Flowers. People are always asking about our gorgeous fresh flower arrangements! They are done exclusively by Denise Oehlerts. Call her at 972-781-0878